Peyta Ransomware Affecting Windows Users Worldwide


Read the article below for more details.  But it seems researchers have found a “vaccine” to prevent Peyta Ransomware from being installed. Follow this link for instructions:

There is a current attack campaign that targets Windows operating systems. It is called Peyta.

The Petya Ransomware Attack encrypts the files on your hard drive and renders you PC useless unless you pay a ransom. It is very similar to the “Wanna Cry” virus that was recently disabling computers.  It spreads exploiting a specific vulnerability in Microsoft Office.  It spreads without you clicking on a link or, well, doing anything.  It can simply infect your computer through the network, which is why it is having such an impact.  It’s important that you take action to protect yourself.

The Peyta Ransomware Attack is affecting computers on an international scale.  The virus effects only Windows operating systems, so if you run Linux or Macintosh you are safe from this one.  This is only a concern for Windows workstations and servers.

The first thing you should do to protect yourself is take the following simple precautions:

  • Run Windows Update and ensure your system is up to date.
  • Update your Antivirus, and run a full scan.


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