Author Henry Harvey Praise for Logic Mountain

Sketch of author Henry HarveyOne of the things I love about my job is the amazing people we get to work with.  One of our favorite clients, and friends, is Henry Harvey who runs an neat metal sculpting gallery in Lahaska, PA.  Besides being a successful artist, he’s a pilot.  And an inventor.  And a published author.  And he taught me the proper way to drink 12 year old Scotch.  He has an amazing, wicked smart family.  I enjoy every opportunity I get to work or chat with the Harveys… and I walk away every time we interact just a little better.

A while back, Logic Mountain developed the website for Harvey Gallery, Henry’s metal sculpting gallery website.  As I mentioned, Henry is an author and I had the pleasure of reading his books A Passion for Metal and A Universe of Metal Sculpture – I would equate them to the Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance for Metal Sculpting mixed with autobiography mixed with Henry’s philosophy on life.  I was an instant fan, and moved on read to his other novels.  Great stuff.

Henry approached me in December to develop an innovative author website to promote the 17 books he wrote.  We discussed a strategy, Logic Mountain went to work designing and developing the website. was officially launched at the end of February.  Enjoyed every moment of the work we did.  We’re pretty proud of this site.

Henry posted amazingly kind and generous comments on his new website about his experience with Logic Mountain.  Some of the nicest things anyone could possibly say – I’m humbled and blushing.  I will simply say thank you to Henry, the pleasure was all mine.

I’ll close by saying in all seriousness: if you’re looking for a fresh author and some interesting reads, grab yourself one of Henry Harvey’s novels.  I bet you’ll be a fan too.


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